Ditch Plastic, Embrace Nature!

Areca Leaf Serve ware & Take-Away Solutions Takes Center Stage

Plastic pollution is a global crisis, choking our landfills and oceans. But there's a simple solution growing in India – Areca leaf serve ware and take-away solutions. Made from the dried leaves of the Areca palm, this eco-friendly alternative is gaining momentum across the globe, and for good reason. In Bangalore, where the climatic conditions are perfect for the growth of sturdy areca plants, our artisans and local farmers are working together to mould the perfect take-away solution and serve ware for the world.

Chikmagalur Calling: Nature's Perfect Nursery for Areca Palms

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur provides the ideal climate for Areca palms to thrive. The moderate temperatures and abundant rainfall create a natural nursery for these fast-growing trees. This translates to a readily available, renewable resource to produce Areca ware, minimizing environmental impact.

Beyond Sustainability: The Advantages of Areca Leaf Tableware

  • Unlike plastic, Areca leaves decompose naturally within weeks, leaving no harmful residues. You can even home compost them, creating nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants making Areca Biodegradable and Compostable.
  • Don't be fooled by their natural origin. Areca leaf plates are surprisingly sturdy, holding both hot and cold food items without leaking making them leakproof.
  • Nothing like some plastic alternatives, Areca leaves are naturally free of chemicals and toxins, ensuring the safety of your food and family.
  • Areca leaves offer a unique and elegant touch to your table setting, adding a natural charm to your dining experience.

More Than Just Plates: Supporting Local Communities

The production of Areca leaf tableware empowers local communities in Chikmagalur and beyond. From leaf collection and processing to plate moulding and quality control, the process creates valuable job opportunities, boosting the local economy. By switching to Areca leaf tableware and take-away solutions, you're taking a stand against plastic pollution. It's a simple yet significant step towards a cleaner, greener future. Email us for to place your order and we will be happy to serve you.